Friday, July 1, 2011

Finally an Update, I know, I know.

Yes, I realize it has been almost 10 weeks since our baby was born, but it's all been a blur. As those of you with children can relate. Also, I keep thinking about writing this and then something will happen, or I'll just want to talk to my baby. Finally, though I have gotten the strength to write the story. Let's start with the week before our baby girl was born.

April 19th - One week before baby - I took the day off to take Justin to surgery for his kidney stones. They were too large, so he had to have out patient surgery. I was already on modified bed rest, so we were both in rough shape. I worked the next day trying to save up as many days as possible for the baby, but didn't feel right so I called the doctor and got in. He told me with everything going on I was under too much stress, so he put me on real bed rest for Thursday through Monday. Everything else checked out, and he said, "I don't see you having the baby this weekend just yet." The rest of that week Justin was recovering, and I was still having those Braxton Hicks contractions. Luckily, Justin and I throw things to each other across the house regularly, because there was as little getting up as possible. Thankfully, we had some good friends bringing us meals, and Justin finally had no pain by Sunday. He still had Monday off just to be sure he was pain free, since it would have been impossible for him to teach with that pain.

April 25th - Monday - Finally we completed everything for baby. We put all the batteries in everything, packed Justin's bag (mine had been packed for weeks), made a list of all the last minute stuff he would grab for me (make up, hair stuff, etc.), and put the car seat in the car. All this was completed and we sat down at 7:30pm. I was still sleeping down on the recliner couches, but Justin had went to bed upstairs since that was better for his surgery. I probably fell asleep by 10:30pm.

April 25th - 11:30pm - I wake up and my water breaks. Don't worry, I made it to the bathroom. Couches are still okay! I knew you were worried. I finally make it upstairs, tell Justin what happened, and he asks me if I'm sure. Yes, this I am sure about. We drive to the hospital, and on the way I have my first REAL contraction. Yeah, I still have not forgotten them.

April 26th - about 12am - Check into hospital. Contractions every 5 to 7 minutes. All the games and distraction stuff we had packed never came out of the bag. I mean you can't really concentrate on a card game when they are that fast.

       6am - I ask for an epidural.
       8:45ish - Finally I get the epidural. They tell me to relax and take a nap. "You have a few hours" they say.
       8:55ish - I say... I think I have to push now. Yep. Time to push. No time to nap.

       9:22am - Lindsey Ann Wolfe was born!!!!!!!!!! 
                                               5 pounds 9.2 ounces 18 1/2 inches long

                                                                   Meeting Daddy

                                                     Meeting Grandma and Grandpa V

                                                            First Family Photos

Lindsey was due May 21st, she arrived April 26th in perfect condition. She was 4 days away from being full term.
Justin had his surgery exactly one week before Lindsey was born.

I told the doctor on Wednesday I didn't feel right and had her the next Tuesday.

The doctor told me he didn't expect me to give birth that weekend. He was right. My water broke on Monday.

            The last 9 1/2 weeks have been quite crazy. Lindsey had her first shots a week ago and is now measuring at 21.5 inches and is 8pounds 10.5ounces. She is smiling now and it is so great. The longest she's slept at night in a row is 6.5 hours. That happened once. She is pretty good at going right back to bed though after she eats. Most of the time.

                                              Meeting Aunt Kristina- Gotta LOVE her face!

                                                                     Smiley baby!

                                                              I love my Lindsey:)