Friday, March 29, 2013

So I took a break..

Well, it's been a long long time since a blog. Since then so much has happened. We moved from SC to MI. We moved directly in with some good friends, and put our stuff in storage. After I had a confirmed job, we found an apartment, so we only had to bother them for a month. Before we moved to the apartment, Justin got a job. We moved the stuff out of storage, some to our parents, some to my sisters, and most in the apartment. We lived in the apartment for almost 8 months, and now finally moved into our house and got all our stuff here. In the mean time, I also taught one class for two quarters ( 10 weeks classes ) at Baker College as well as my full time job as an online middle school math teacher. Also, we are going to be having another baby girl in July! (The due date is August first, but since Lindsey was almost 4 weeks early, we're going to just make an educated guess that she will be early too.) So that's the summary of our last 10 months. Just a few things. We like to keep it real, real busy!

We are glad to be settling finally. Lindsey is going to be 2 years old in less than a month. She's finally going to have a nice birthday party with more of her family. I realize she didn't understand the first one anyway, but I did, and it was nice, but Lindsey deserves so much better. She is such a big girl. She talks so much, makes up songs. Today she made up a song, "lalalala, nananana, (gibberish), Mama, Dada, Lindsey, Baby Sister, Puma, Mickey". No idea why Mickey is at the end since she doesn't even really have Mickey stuff, or watch it anymore..?? She has a love for dinosaurs and knows the important ones. She is getting closer to being potty trained. She is still too busy to stop if she's having fun to tell us before she goes. She will go if we take her and she has to. Problem is, she's always busy. This kid has yet to lay down and fall asleep on her own. She laid her head down once for 15 minutes. It was a record. I took a picture. We have found a way to get her to fall asleep before 9pm. If she doesn't get a nap, it literally takes 5 minutes for her to fall asleep, but the few hours in the afternoon are a bit touchy.

Eating out with everyone! She was so happy to be with here Papa Pudge, Grandma Julie, Aunt Tina, Un Chris, Uncle Zach, Aunt Chelsea, and her Mama and Dada of course. She hated when everyone had to leave.

We have a few things we want to accomplish before the baby. We want Lindsey to get rid of the pacifier, become potty trained, and sleep in a toddler bed. She was using it only at night, but she got sick a lot this fall, (Thankfully she has been MUCH better) when she went to a real daycare for the first time. The pacifier helped us all to survive, so it became a habit. Now she's obsessed with it. She asks for it and does not stop or forget about it unless there is something very good going on. Like a dog in the yard, and only that lasts for a few minutes. The potty thing is what we are starting to work on tomorrow. We're going underwear all day while I have spring break here with her for a week. The toddler bed, well, I don't know. I like sleeping right now. It will all be over in a few short months, so maybe we will try it in one more month. Potty first? Sure.

This new little girl is at 22 weeks today. She is already pretty crazy with the moving. She likes to kick or punch at her sister, whenever Lindsey is sitting on me and seems to be squishing her. We only have one set of ultrasound pictures, and as soon as the scanner will connect to the computer again, I will get on that. Poor 2nd child. Already being neglected. I can totally relate to her though (since I am the second child of course), so I'll make up for it later. We are currently working on names, so that really is what I should be doing right now instead of updating this. I do miss writing though. Maybe now that I don't teach that night class I will be able to find time to do this once a month or so. Or I'll finish unpacking our stuff. Either way!

Here is one picture the explains the sillyness. We have never told her to do this ,or done this before. 

Thanks all for being sweet and reading this. Have a great day/week/month, or year if I don't get on here until then. :)